In 1986, a group of Washington County citizens came together to answer a need for consistent delivery of life-safety education for children. This effort was prompted by local police who had faced an alarming number of bicycle/auto collisions, some of which resulted in a fatality and permanent disability for children in our community. That was followed by another tragic loss of several children in a house fire. The group of concerned citizens included local business people, elected officials and first responders across all agencies in the county.

They determined that a centralized facility would be the best answer for the delivery of the program and the result was a full scale community effort to find a location, raise funds and create a curriculum that would engage students in learning the life saving lessons. Our two-day hands on program has produced 29 young heroes since 1990, when Children’s Village of Washington County, Inc., opened it's doors. These young people are recognized on our 'Hall of Fame Wall' located in the classroom building.

Trained instructors provide age-appropriate safety information to all second grade students, the age-group identified as the most receptive to the lessons, in all public, private, religious and home school populations in and around Washington County. 

The Board of Children's Village of Washington County continues to build and maintain partnerships with the Washington County Public Schools, area police, fire and rescue companies, local businesses and goverments throughout the county. These strong partnerships continue to be the key to maintaining a consistent delivery of proven, life-saving information to our children and local citizens. 


Original SignFirst sign, when work was just beginning.
Finished campus frontageFinished campus frontage.
Awards WallOur Heros on the "Hall of Fame Wall"